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A general Overview


The Initiative

The Chaplain on Board International Community Initiative came about as result of a dream, the founder of the project has been cherishing since 1984, and through studies of similar initiatives in America, and the evident success of such initiatives in the Companies, Organisations, Groups and Communities, they are involved in.

As a previous member of the Uniformed and Armed Forces in South Africa, and current position as Christian leader in the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ, he began to see the urgent need for such a Program to be established and operated in South Africa. We do recognise the invaluable work being done by the existing Programs, Institutes and Groups already in place, but feel positive that our Chaplain on Board International Community Initiative can play a significant supportive role in our Communities. It is not our intention to replace or override any current platforms, but to join hands with such platforms, and hopefully alleviate the workload of those doing such an awesome task in securing our Country during times of disaster and distress.

In short, we aim to put a Chaplain on Board in places where you normally would not expect to have such a much needed service at your disposal.

The Chaplain on Board International Community Initiative is designed to equip volunteers in workplaces, schools, old age homes, colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons, large and small companies, hostels, hotels, airports, mines, industrial sites, and residential areas, children's homes, Police stations, Fire departments, shopping centres, etc. to assist others in any emergency situation and crisis moments.

Our ultimate vision is to have a Chaplain on Board wherever people are involved, so that help is at hand whenever someone hurts...

Apart from volunteers, we are also in the process of raising up permanent staff, who will act as Regional Chaplains, to oversee all processes, and lend support to the volunteer Chaplains, on an on-going basis. These Regional Chaplains will be available to the participating Members for various functions and supportive systems.

The Chaplain on Board Community Program is dedicated to practical Christianity, where the Bible is the main textbook of our lives and ministries.

We firmly believe that Jesus is the ultimate and only complete solution to the problems of life. For this reason, the Chaplain on Board Community Program strives to equip Chaplains that are active and effective in every area of ministry imaginable. We however do not preach to, push or pressurize anyone with our beliefs, as our sole purpose is to simply be present, available and supportive at all times.

We encourage you to prayerfully read through this Website,.and If the Holy Spirit is touching your heart to reach out and make a difference in the lives of hurting people, we encourage you to consider joining the Chaplain on Board team of Chaplains nationwide and Internationally.

Jesus Christ came for one reason only, to be about the business of His Father. We know that God's business involves people, people and more people. Join us as we go about our Father's business, changing the lives of those around us. You are in a perfect position for this, as you are constantly surrounded by people!
  The Chaplain on Board Initiative is an officially registered non-profit Company, registered in South Africa in terms of Section 14 of the Companies Act 2008, with registration number NPC 2012/208030/08. It is governed by a group of Directors, known as the Executive Board, who is responsible for oversight and the proper management of it's resources, programs and operations.

A Non-Profit Organisation's main business is to be of benefit to the general public, and none of it's Directors may gain from it personally, other than being paid for services rendered and expenses incurred in performing their actual duties, as set out in the Memorandum of Incorporation, of such Company. The appointed Director and Office Bearers of such Company, may be paid a market related salary, and receive similar benefits to Directors of Private and Public Companies. Non-Profit Companies normally rely on the goodwill of others for donations and contributions to support them in their mission. We hope to soon become a household name, when our Communities begin to refer to us as "COBI", their friend in need...

COBI is to serve as a national equipping body for aspirants of the ministry as Christian Chaplains. COBI recognizes that chaplains serve in many fields of ministry not normally associated with denominational ministers (such as Pastors and Evangelists). Therefore, COBI is a trans-denominational organisation that serves the entire Body of Christ. It is not the intent of COBI to compete with any denomination or Church group, or to replace the functionality of other, similar groups or organisations. Rather, it is our desire to work with them to promote ministry to those that traditional churches at times, may overlook.

Our Pledge

We pledge our loyal support to bring value to the Marketplace as mere servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to avail our skills, gifts, resources and expertise to those who are in need of such. We are in no competition, or interested in promoting ourselves, in the Marketplace, in any manner whatsoever. Our aim is to be a bridge through which individuals, groups, companies and organisations can find spiritual healing and restoration, in times of distress.

Our Vision

To bring comfort, consolation, and compassion to people in times of crisis, through volunteers with a passion for people, and to have these volunteers available to our entire Communities to serve as Chaplains on Board.

Our Mission

Building a strong corps of ordinary people to do extra-ordinary work during times of crises, to serve those in need through compassion, bringing comfort, and consolation. To train, equip and place our members in any and every situation where such a service may be required.
To serve without reservation, to love without condition and to work without compensation. Simply put, to allow each Organisation, Group, Company or Institution to have a Chaplain on Board.


The Symbolic meaning of our Shield


To those who understand the meaning of wearing any kind of insignia belonging to the Armed forces, an Emergency Service, Law Enforcement Agency, or Military Institution, not much explanation is needed in describing.

The use of the shield:
Shields were used from very early in history during times of war, to protect the carrier of such shield against attacks and onslaughts. These shields were carried on the left side, to mainly cover and protect the heart as an important organ. The family, kingdom, or tribal crest was displayed on these shields to indicate the carriers’ allegiance. Over the years, the shield became smaller until it was adopted as a symbol to be worn by Protectors and Securers of Communities, people and properties. Our Chaplain’s shield is worn on the left side, to indicate that we protect our hearts from all evil unrighteousness, unholiness, prejudice, pride, selfish gain, and similar issues which may hamper our service to humanity in its totality, and prevent us from being good servants to all.

The Eagle on Top:
On the top of our shield is an eagle, with spread wings, indicating the covering we enjoy from the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. It symbolizes victory in times of trauma, distress and tragedy and portrays strength during such times, but also gentleness in taking care of those in need. Symbolically we rise above circumstances and bring new and fresh perspectives in difficult circumstances. We are messengers of hope.

The Golden Background:
This colour as the background represents the refinement of the spirit of those involved through the working of the Holy Spirit, producing complete submission and total obedience to His will.

The silver panels:
Silver represents wisdom of the soul, gained by experience, and bringing knowledge and expertise together to create workable solutions. It also symbolizes sacrificing and offering your best as a servant to the benefit of your community.

The Earth:
This symbol reminds us of our God-given responsibility towards creation, the vastness of our duty and our accountability in all we do, as all our works, deeds and activities will be measured by God, who calls the earth to be His witness.

Crown of leaves:
Our duty is to protect, hedge in, surround and embrace those we serve and always bring them fresh hope, create opportunities of new beginnings and continuously reach for our reward and crown from our Lord Jesus Christ when all our work here is done. We are constantly reminded of the seed we now sow, will turn into a future harvest for our King.

The importance of our shield:
The bearers of our shield consider it an unspeakable honour to be entrusted with such a responsibility to be Ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, especially in the capacity of the Chaplaincy. The shield represents the sincerity, integrity, honesty, and willingness to serve. Our shield is awarded only to those who have been thoroughly examined for their true character, intentions, and ultimate motive and purpose for being in Ministry. Always remember, wearing our shield does not grant you special rights, nor does it bring you higher status. It simply indicates your willingness to serve under all conditions.

"Raising an Army of Warrior-Servants"

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