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How to register:

You have two options of registration:

Option One:
You are welcome to register as a normal user of our Academy, by following the link in the top, right-hand corner of this site, Marked "new  user", but this will only grant you limited access to our facilities. If you would like to apply for enrolment, as an approved student, and have full access to our entire accredited Courses, Ordination Process and possible accreditation with the Chaplain on Board Initiative, you will have to read the instructions underneath, and follow the suggested process. Following this stream, will not qualify you for our officially accredited Certification, although you will receive a general Certificate of Completion, for your achievement. Members of this stream also do not qualify for any discounts. Registration is free.

Please note, that even our Option One registered users, will have to accept our general terms and conditions before your user-account can be created. If you like, you may start with this option, and later follow Option Two, when you are more familiar with the Academy, our Staff, and our Material.

Option Two
This procedure will have to be followed by those applying for official affiliation with the Chaplain on Board Initiative., as only those enrolled through Option Two, will be considered for accreditation and ordination. Before you will receive official recognition for the completion of any of our accredited Training Courses, you will have to apply for official registration. As we are a Christian Organisation, all our Members, Students and Applicants are requested to follow our official enrolment procedure. Although participation in this Academy is restricted to approved members only, our service as a Chaplaincy, includes everybody, irrespective of their religious beliefs, chosen lifestyle, sexual orientation, or any such particulars. Our pledge is to serve humanity in it's totality. Our enrolled students through this stream, will also qualify for discounted rates on all Courses and Material of up to 50%. Registration is free, but certain fees for membership, badges, Ordination and Membership Certificates becomes payable to all qualified, successful Students, seeking official accreditation, ordination and affiliation, with us.

Interested parties may download more information here.

The enrolment procedure is not meant to be prejudice, offensive, or insensitive, in any manner, but simply to grant the Faculty Members the opportunity to evaluate each applicant on merit, correct placement, and enrolment. We do however expect all applicants to be of the Christian faith, as all our training materials are based on the Christian Bible, Doctrines, and Principles. Your initial application process is therefore aimed at establishing your position as a born-again Christian believer, who received salvation through the saving grace of the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in applying for our accredited Courses, then kindly follow this link, download our preliminary application form, complete, and email or fax it to us. We will then evaluate your application, and contact you via email with the result and further instructions. This process is simply an indication to our Faculty members, to enrol you in the correct stream.

Download your application form here

If you do not have access to email or fax facilities you may post the application form to:

PO Box 11930
Rynfield, 1514
Benoni, South Africa

You may also link with us on Facebook at: The Chaplain on Board Initiative

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