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News & Events

Great News!!!

South African flagWe are officially registered! Our application to be registered as a Non-Profit Company was submitted to the South African Government via Swiftreg, on November 2, and it was concluded on the 22nd of November! Thank you to all the staff at Swiftreg, you truly deserve the name you have chosen for your business.

Now the hard work starts, as we need to be ready to start with our first Courses in January 2013, to train, eqquip and place volunteers, in the shortest period of time. We firmly believe that this project has been laid upon our hearts by the Lord Jesus Christ to enable us, His Body, to become more visible, effective and involved in our Communities, as a matter of urgency. With all the current unrest, instability and turmoil raging through the South African Communities, it is evident that more and more people will soon be reaching out for assistance and support of some kind.

If you are visiting this site from another Country, you may also contact us for support to be equipped as our ultimate vision for this Initiative, is to spread into many Nations.

Pray for our National Executive Board, as they will be seeking God's face, His mind and will for direction and wisdom to turn this new project, into a blessing for all. Mostly that His kingdom will come, and His will be done, through COBI.

Consider getting involved...

Maybe you know of someone who would like to get involved in this Community Initiative in some way, to assist us in our operations. As we are a brand new, out-of-the-box project, we obviously need and welcome all the support we can get. As a Non-Profit Company, with potential high visibility and wide Community involvement and reach, perhaps you would like to assist us, and use it as your opportunity to show your commitment towards social responsibility...

A great way to show your involvement, is to actually get involved! Perhaps you know of a Motor Company who would like to see their brand and their name out their in the market, clearly marked with the message -
"Chaplain on Board"

For more information, please email the Chairman, Dr Willie du Toit at -all contacts, info and messages will be treated in strictest of confidence.

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Get going now...

If you are interested in being part of this timeous and much-needed program, then head on over to our "How to use our Campus- Enrolment" link to set the process in motion. As enrolment in our program has certain requirements, and will take a moment or two, to complete, we suggest that you do not wait until January to get going.

Some of you may even be invited by the Board to enrol, as you may already be known to us, due to our Ministry Relations. All who want to be considered to be accredited with COBI, will need to complete our application process, and successfully complete our Internationally accredited Training Module. This Module is currently priced at $95, and is done through our American Affiliation and consist of 15 Lessons or Modules. We do not set the price for this course as it is done by the American Non-Profit Company and all funds for enrolment for ths course goes directly to them. We are awaiting their response for a discounted rate.

The National Chairman of COBI, is currently developing and designing Courses specifically for the South African market, and hopefully will have these ready very soon. In the meantime, you may continue to do your Accredited Course through our Affiliated link. More information about this link, and the Courses will be given to all accepted Applicants. Just keep in mind, it will cost you in the region of $95, and then you will have to keep in consideration the fees we will charge for your Ordination, and Accreditation with COBI.

Please do not let the financial side of this put you off, get going with your application, let us then deal with the rest. Who knows, you may just be the first to be enrolled in our uniquely designed COBI Modules, for much less...

In fact, I can already tell you, the South African designed Modules will be ready by middle January 2013, so you will have a choice to enrol through any one of these two streams. Also watch this space for great news about the Academic Accreditation our Modules will carry...