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Good news to Ordained Pastors and Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

If you have been in full-time Ministry, with a godly testimony, Christ-like character, and verifiable references, you may apply for our Accreditation and Ordination Program, immediately. As we read in the Word of God, the harvest is ripe, but the labourers are few, we need to speed up the process in moving from behind our religious bounderies, into our Communities. As ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are expected to redeem the time, use every opportunity, and bring Christ to the people. Most of us will know how difficult it is, for Pastors and Ministers, to mobilise their members and send them out into their Communities. With our Chaplain on Board Initiative, we believe we are entering a new season as the Body of Christ, to become visible to our Communities. Once you have applied for, and succeeded as Pastor or Minister, to be Ordained as a Chaplain on Board representative, you will be granted access to our Training Courses and Material to equip your own people, and send them into the harvest field.

Kindly download our Official Application form here, complete and send it back to us. We are offering a reduced fee to all applying via this site. We will process your Application at a discounted fee of $20, for which you will receive an Ordination Certificate, Appointment letter, access to our Training at 50% discount on all our Material, for the first 12 months, and Membership for 12 months. Your Membership is renewable every 12 months.

As an Ordained, accredited Chaplain on Board, you will have access to our Official T-shirts, Caps, Badges and other products.Send us your application!

Download a sample of our Ordination Certificate here.

Download our Official Application form here.

Our Chaplaincy Badges are designed and made by Smith&Warren, in America, and therefore very costly. As we are committed to our Lord Jesus Christ as His ambassadors, we have opted to work through them, due to the high quality, precision and pride they take in manufacturing each Badge.

Once you are Ordained, you may choose from a variety of badges, ranging from around $45 - $200 per badge. It takes approximately 30 days to manufacture each badge, and postage to South Africa, another 4 - 7 days. Remember to calculate your postage at $50 per badge. Please note, we are adding anything to the prices of these badges, and all prices quoted, are exclusively for manufacturing and postage.


Sample Badges:

More expensive badges of the Range:

+- $130 - $170, excluding postage

Can be ordered with leather folder and Inscription in leather case (add +- $30 - $40)

Most expensive range badges

Smaller Badges are much less:

+- $40- $50, excluding postage

Smaller badges

Smaller Badges can be ordered with leather folder & Inscription inside:

+- $65 - $80 for Badge and folder, excluding postage

Smaller Badges with leather folder

Please note these prices as only estimates. Each qualifying applicant will be given a written quotation for acceptance. Badges are custom made per Applicant, and must be paid upon acceptance of Quotation.

Remember to bookmark this site, as we believe in life-long relationships and continuous training and equipping. We pledge to always have something fresh, relevant and challenging for your future needs!