Our Curriculum

The Academy's training goals

As a Christian Organisation with the vision to serve humanity through the placement of Christian Volunteers, it is essential to ensure our own members are spiritually healthy, mature and able to act under all circumstances without any prejudice, personal agendas or unresolved issues. We therefore Endeavour to build strong, open and trusting relationships with our members and potential members. For this reason our foundational courses are mainly aimed at personal spiritual growth, healing and restoration, before members are allowed to choose their own area of operation.

We also understand and respect the individuality of each person as created uniquely by God for His purpose, and assist our members in discovering their own call, ministry and identity in and through the Lord Jesus Christ. We further acknowledge the timeous and accurate placement of His chosen vessels in our Community, to be His visible presence, so we encourage our members to be active for Him, right where they are. With this in mind, our Faculty Members strive to design applicable, relevant and life-changing material, courses and modules for each Community Chaplain, and to build the necessary support systems around each individual.

As indicated by our name, the Chaplain on Board Initiative, our aim is to have a Chaplain, or Chaplains on Board in every place where people are involved, whether for work, recreation, entertainment, education, or for whatever reason, they group together. Each of these Community Chaplains must be equipped to deal with the needs, spiritual and physical of others, when it arises.

Before a potential Chaplain can be officially placed, we need to determine their own spiritual and physical needs to ensure we enrol them on a continuous path of growth towards efficiency and effectiveness. Our volunteers are therefore typically ordinary people, who already have a passion for a certain Community, and have some kind of influence, in that Community.

Our Training is sourced from a very broad spectrum of Academic Institutions and qualified specialists, to give our members the opportunity for ongoing growth, and enlarging their capacity to be an asset to their Communities, when needed. All members and potential members must complete our compulsory module, and only then, can they choose their own stream of training. This ensures spiritual health, personal growth and unity in vision.

Compulsory Foundational Module/s:

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and with our aim to release spiritually healthy and mature Christian Community Chaplains from our Academy, we adopted a course SoulCare101, designed by Dr Larry Crabb, as our foundational module for all potential Chaplains. Dr Crabb is a Christian Psychologist with a passion to see Church members enter their Communities, and bring healing and restoration. The course can be done free of charge through Christiancourses.com, but in order to receive recommendation and possible ordination through C.O.B.I, you need to provide proof that you have done the course and completed it successfully, before you will be allowed to continue with our elective stream. There are 10 lessons in this module, and you may even choose to complete the other 3 modules of SoulCare as well, each consisting of 10 lessons. For ordination with the Chaplain on Board Initiative, you are only expected to do Module One, although doing more modules will greatly benefit you, and make you more effective as Community Minister. To be considered as Team Leader or Area Chaplain, you will have to complete all 4 Modules, and at least six of our elective subjects.

You may download the course material from our Academic site, study at your own pace, and once you are ready, request access to our examination site. Access to this material is free, but only subscribed members will be granted access to the examinations and possible ordination and accreditation under the covering and banner of C.O.B.I

Download your 10 Lessons of SoulCare 101 here:

Lesson One
Lesson Two
Lesson Three
Lesson Four
Lesson Five
Lesson Six
Lesson Seven
Lesson Eight
Lesson Nine
Lesson Ten

You may download these lessons free of charge, but access towards the C.O.B.I examination for each lesson, will only be granted to our members as your successful completion will earn you an official C.O.B.I certificate. Certificates are awarded after the successful completion of all 10 lessons. Download a sample of our Certificate here. Cost of certificates are R55 or equivalent in your currency.

Applicants and candidates interested in official ordination and application must contact us for a specific stream to follow. Our staff will access your current position, skills and expertise, and design a suggested path of study, based on their assessment. Applicants and candidates will however be able to choose their own academic/practical stream of study.

Elective Streams:
  • Emergency Services Chaplaincy (Currently 12 Various streams to choose from)
  • Grief Counselling/Support
  • Prison Ministry
  • Hospital Visitations
  • Elderly Care
  • Caring for Children
  • Marketplace Ministry
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Become a registered Marriage Officer (South Africa)
  • Conducting funerals
  • Leading small groups in Bible Study
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Evangelism
  • Community projects
  • Leadership Training
  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking
  • Intro into preparing sermons/messages